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jus (dʒʌs) n, pl jura (ˈdʒʊərə) 

(Law) a right, power, or authority

CALIJUS Investment & Business Management is an open and vibrant way of creating value in business, combining business and environment, and

crossing business cultures around the world.   

Independently of the fact that we create value in real estate, financial services, and  in and hedge fund investments, we believe in the need to raise new questions regarding the relationship between business, energy and social impact. We believe that raising new questions in the countries in which we invest are important in order to provide to our clients, private or public, the most advanced business project, either for real estate, hospitality and tourism investments.

Our vision is to embrace a creative process where deals flow freely

through cultural barriers and gain from the mix of diverse disciplines

Our focus is on Sustainable Real Estate Developments (residential and commercial), and on Tourism & Hospitality Developments.  In Europe and South America we are enthusiastic to work also on multiple small projects, while in North America and Southeast Asia we focus mainly on bigger projects with investments of over $10 million. For example, the current projects in Toronto and Calgary, Canada, have an initial investment of about $48 Million American for the first of 4 years of operations. We guarantee a ROI of at least 30% in all operations, whether that be through small operations in major Italian and Swiss cities or that be through large residential projects in places such as Canada, Switzerland or the Balkans. All the projects are at least 60% more energy-efficient than all the average projects locally and worldwide.

CALIJUS has carved itself a privileged position among the investors that take sustainability seriously. We successfully combine sustainability, quality, aesthetics and economics, as we are doing in North America, radically improving the quality of life and environment in communities. 

Our economic impact refers to the increase in locational capital wealth and prosperity and on the entrepreneurial ecosystems that generate and create value. Due to the regional agglomeration of local factors, our resources and their entrepreneurial exploitation as well as associated spillover effects, we guarantee:

  • Successful private and public investors wealth management 

  • A region’s vibrancy, sustainability, and viability

Ultimately, we create competitive advantages and value for private and public firms, individuals and sectors, and hence shape local innovation.



Marco Calignano, CEO and founder of Calijus, is a young resourceful and creative entrepreneur. Originally from Italy, he moved to Switzerland and then to North America, where he began to intensify and solidify his experience in international business operations. learning from different cultures and perspectives.

Indulging in the motto ''Facta, non verba'', he quickly put his new skills into action in his sector: real estate.

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The precious partnership with the co-founder, Ana Chambers, Canadian legal professional, allows CALIJUS to lead all the most sophisticated legal and administrative aspects in the international market. This is a guarantee for the investments made in this sector, safeguarding all the most complicated aspects the details that a successful International business can not ignore. She also  successfully manages all the new challenges in the trademarks and the patent market where is important to protect our unique technology and  approach style to do business. 

CALIJUS and its business partners successfully manage its network of organizations (including suppliers, distributors and government agencies, and so on) involved in the delivery of the best result for the investors, creating a constantly evolving relationship in which each entity is a winner. 

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